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Beacon of the Sea

Lighthouses are popular travel destinations and photography subjects. Some folks plan vacations to see a lighthouse they have not yet seen and to check it off their bucket list. There seems to be a "lighthouse culture" to seek, find, and record through the lens, these beacons of the coast and sea. Each lighthouse has an important purpose and its very own personality and name. It is fun and creative to capture lighthouse moments in ways other than the images found on postcards. Include foreground in the picture to create depth and a sense of location. Inclement weather can enhance the image especially if the light is in working order and you wait for the light to blink. If it is a sunshiny day, use a cloud as a prop. Look at each lighthouse with a new perspective to capture the moment.

Top: Edgarton Lighthouse, Martha's Vineyard, Middle: Tillamook Light, Oregon, Bottom: Lighthouse (in background), Cornwall, UK.

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