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How do you start your day?

Do you get up to greet the sunrise? Perhaps you are more of a sunset seeker than a sunrise greeter. When planning early or late in the day photography, my tip for you is to be prepared for whatever greets you. Sunrise, sunset and moonrise times are all predictable. This week, I scheduled a moonrise photography trip. The moon was scheduled to rise at 10 pm. I was there and ready...for the "no show". Too many clouds. The moon did manage to peek out from behind heavy rain clouds a few moments at11:00 pm. So, I changed plans and decided to greet the sunrise at 6:15 the next morning. I was there and ready... for a bland sunrise. To make the most of that moment, I turned to the western sky and saw the tardy moon setting! The moon set was more glorious than the sunrise. Enjoy the moment, even when the moon or sun do not arrive on time or are dimmed by clouds. How will you end your day? Share you plans in a comment below.

Sunrise 6:30 a.m. East Coast Moonset, same time and place, looking south and west

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