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Return to the Coast

Do you have a travel bucket list? My list usually includes locations to a coast somewhere in the world. I am looking forward to returning to the Pacific Coast this summer. The sun will set over the ocean instead of rising over the ocean as it does here on the East Coast. I would also like to return to the New England Coast. Maine, Cape Cod, and Martha's Vineyard are worth revisiting. Perhaps I will make it to Nantucket. Top on my list is the Dalmation Coast of Croatia as travel restrictions diminish. The Amalfi Coast of Italy is not to be missed. And don't overlook Cornwall, England for the Coastal Path and the Scilly Islands. In this blog post, I have included some of the coasts you may want to add to your bucket list of destinations.

Locations (clockwise): Maui, Positano (Amalfi Coast), Frazier Island (Australia), Cornwall, Oregon.

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