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What's in it for you?

What do you expect when on a photo shoot? My favorite landscape photographer is Clyde Butcher. I learn from him time and time again, about what to expect on a photo shoot. This is what he has taught me: "being in the moment" is what is in it for each of us. A good day when on location may be one, yes one, photograph worth printing. Being outside and waiting for the dramatic light, or lack thereof, is a time to rest and appreciate just being outside. Discovering a photo opportunity happens in a moment of perception, perspective, and peace. Some of what happens in those moments occurs when least expected: a moody fog, a shift in clouds, or a serendipitous glance at something you see daily but now appears in a new light. Thank you, Mr. Butcher, for your inspiration.

Merced River during a drought, Yosemite, California Photographer: Sharon Hoffman

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