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Which coast welcomes you?

Perhaps you live on the coast somewhere in the world. Others make an annual pilgrimage to the coast. It was a family tradition for generations to spend a week or two at the Jersey Shore. My parents met as blind dates at the coast. I believe there is salt water in my blood and the lure of the coast in my DNA. Several coastal seekers have shared their favorite coastal locations. Some of these include Nova Scotia, Cape Cod, Miami Beach, the Pacific northwest, and so on. Every coast has its own flavor. When you are near it, your feel it and anticipate your first view as you approach it. If you are a coast seeker, you know exactly what this feels like! In this blog, I share a few of the welcoming views as I approach several different coasts. More to come as I visit new coastal locations this year.

In the meantime, smell the salt air, feel the ocean breeze, and anticipate the sound of the surf and sand between your toes.

Welcome to the Coast: Amelia Island Florida, Rialto Beach Washington, Cape Cod Bay Massachusetts

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